– Get to know me –

My name is Celia and I live in a village just outside Bath with my boyfriend and dog called Beano. I split my time between here and London, or wherever else my work takes me and I love the contrast! I love to travel and explore new places, both in the UK and abroad and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a meal out with family and friends. Oh, and I’m a sucker for a Pinot Noir!

Before I started up my decluttering business, I worked as an estate agent in Bath and completed a degree in Building Surveying. It was during this time that I started helping family and friends to declutter their homes for a bit of extra money and realised that it was something that I loved and wanted to do more than anything else!



– Why decluttering? –

I am passionate about organizing and decluttering and I love nothing more than helping people to achieve the home they really want to live in. For me and so many other people, there is a direct relationship between clutter and stress. A calm, relaxing home that is free of excess stuff gives people greater time and freedom to do the things they dream of doing, appreciate their most favoured possessions and lead happier lives and I feel privileged to help people achieve this.

Professional Organiser London