Professional advice with Celia Ranson on how you can declutter your home for a happier, healthier existence!

celia ranson declutter

Celia Ranson is the owner of WeDeclutter, a home organisation and decluttering company. We decided to pick her brain on some decluttering tips for a happier, healthier home!

Growing up in Bath, Celia worked as an estate agent having been adamant that I she wasn’t going to university. After a change of heart two years later, Celia decided to complete a Building Surveying degree on a part time basis, whilst continuing to work.

Celia’s passion for decluttering all started when she was decluttering for family and friends while studying to earn extra money; soon realising that she had found her dream job! Ever since, Celia has been decluttering  homes and also realised that being her own boss was incredibly important; particularly valuing the flexibility that it offers.

When Celia is not decluttering, she runs an AirBnb property, keeping her on her toes! She loves to stay active and try and make it to the gym as many times a week as she can; there is no better stress-relief! Celia loves to travel. Last year, she visited India and Bali, which were “both incredible in very different ways.” 

As I’m sure you are aware, your home plays an integral and important part in your day-to-day, as well as overall wellbeing. Clutter can have a significant impact on how we feel when we arrive home from a stressful day and sets the tone for how we begin each new one. Below, we have picked Celia’s brain and discovered some top tips for decluttering the busiest parts of your home!

celia ranson declutter

And I sing, although not as often as I would like to.”

celia ranson declutter

“I find nothing more satisfying than helping people to restore order to their homes and to create systems that enable a clutter-free interior to be maintained long after I leave. An organised home that is free from unnecessary possessions not only looks so much better, but it simplifies your life too. It’s a weight off your mind when you know exactly where everything is and you feel as if you are in control of your home again.”

Celia in particular loves organising kitchens! It is probably the room that she is asked to help with most often. Everything in a kitchen from appliances to tupperware, pans, tins and food packets can all accumulate incredibly quickly and become cluttered if they aren’t well organised and decluttered frequently. Celia says, “for most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home so it is important for it to be a welcoming, practical space for everyone to enjoy!” 

celia ranson declutter


Make everything in your kitchen easy to access (and to put back). Don’t be tempted to stack multiple items in front of the other. The goal is for you to only have to move one item to reach the other behind. It’s much easier to maintain order in your kitchen this way.

celia ranson declutter


Don’t keep hotel samples! These little bottles are a constant source of clutter and very rarely get used up. Instead, fill travel sized bottles with your normal shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash and take these with you instead.

celia ranson declutter

Living Room

You want your living room to be a place of calm, somewhere to relax to at the end of a busy day. My top tip for this room is to really assess how much you want to keep out on display. Visual clutter can make us feel stressed so make sure it isn’t a dumping ground for things like paperwork, old magazines and DVDs.

A decluttered home has also been proven to help you sleep better too, which can improve both our physical and mental health.”

— Celia Ranson

celia ranson declutter


Don’t sleep on top of clutter. The underside of a bed is often a space where possessions are stuffed not sorted. Unless you absolutely need to, don’t store anything under the bed as it quickly harbours dust. If you don’t have that option, make sure that the items kept there have been sorted through and organised. I would recommend keeping them in baskets (with lids) or in zip-up bags.

celia ranson declutter

“Mess equals stress. Clutter can have a huge impact on our health and not just in the form of a trip hazard! A cluttered home has been linked to poor mental health and the impacts are finally being recognised, which is great. It’s something I was asked to talk about on the radio recently for the BBC’s Mental Health Awareness week.”

Celia can assist not only with general decluttering, but also downsizing, wardrobes, moving home and home styling. If you need any help or advice to declutter your home then contact Celia by visiting her website below:

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