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WeDeclutter can help you with a variety of different services from unpacking and organising your home after a move to creating filing systems for your office. Our lives are hectic, busy and far from straightforward, but our homes don’t have to be. A calm, organised and relaxing space can restore order, making the morning start easier and providing a welcome retreat at the end of a frantic day.

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What Our Clients Say

We worked with Celia @ WeDeclutter prior to putting our house on the market. She was absolutely brilliant at guiding us through the process and helping us to make informed decisions on how to deal with the clutter which has built up throughout our home. She was a source of sound, constructive advice, storage solutions and good humour which made the whole process much easier and efficient. At no point did we feel pressurised to part with anything but Celia provided much needed clarity and an outside (non-judgemental) perspective. I would absolutely recommend Celia to anyone looking for a de-cluttered, calmer home.

Toby Hewitt, Bath
Celia has remarkable patience yet worked as fast paced as I wanted. Swiftly through the old clothes too small to fit, slowly & sensitively through the ties with treasured memories. Ditto with the paperwork. I will happily recommend Celia to anyone who no longer can discern the difference between the wood and the trees. She is a rare treasure.
Charles Wake, Milton Keynes

“25 years living in a house with ample storage gave rise to an accumulation of ‘things’. Recently, I faced downsizing and the necessary reduction of belongings. The task was so overwhelming, I sought help.

Help came in the shape of Celia Ranson who is methodic, organized, knowledgeable, totally non-judgemental, willing to pitch in and assist in any and all ways. She aided decisions as well as the disposal of both clutter and saleable items. I found pleasant and fun to be with and totally reliable and trustworthy.

Having benefited greatly from her expertise, I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering a serious decluttering and reorganizing of their home and having to prepare for a move to smaller quarters.”

“Celia has now helped me with two house moves, decluttering and then packing and unpacking and I couldn’t imagine doing it without her! Both houses sold incredibly quickly and I’m sure that was due to every room being uncluttered, perfectly organized and attractive to visitors.

Within a few days of moving into our new home, we had completely unpacked
and organized each room, allowing us to move on with our lives. She is organized, methodical and it has made the whole process much more enjoyable and stress-free!”


I never believed that I could be an organised, tidy person. My home was constantly untidy- not helped by the fact that I have three young boys and the job became too daunting. Using Celia’s services has been a wonderful experience and I can’t quite believe how much I had been hoarding and how organised my house now is! I feel like I have my life back again. Thank you Celia!

Susannah, B, Bristol

“Running a successful business from my home office for many years left me little time for organisation and the space had become overrun with files and loose paperwork. Celia quickly helped me to declutter my paperwork and set up an effective filing system to prevent a similar situation occurring.”

Sebastian H, Chippenham

“Celia was a blessing after my house move: her sheer strength in moving boxes and resourscefulness in putting tables and rocking chairs together were nothing short of magnificent! Her energy and enthusiam are a boon, whether unpacking, packing or organising!”

Helen K, Bath

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